Pest Control Inspection.Pest Control Contracts what are they ?


The main thing to point out is the name should not be Pest Control Contract it should be Pest PREVENTION Contract. 


Pests pose different risks to different businesses. One "Pest Control Contract" does not fit all.


We will assess each clients needs and tailor the service to fit that requirement. Pubs, Hotels, Shops, Restaurants, Care Homes, Farms, Schools and a wide range of businesses can benefit from having the peace of mind that our service will not only help to prevent pests but protect their reputation and help comply with the law.



 Pest Control Contract Services.


Our basic Pest Prevention Service consists of


  • Comprehensive regular site inspections.
  • Identification of potential problems and risks.
  • Free call out for emergency situations.
  • Reports on each visit detailing any action taken or recommendations.
  • A site contract folder with all C.O.S.H.H. information.

Sentinel Service


Some customers will require  more in depth reporting procedures for their pest management programme. our Sentinel Pest Management Service  displays an even more proactive approach and complies with the rigorous pest control audits and processes of the B.R.C. Global food standard, Salsa and the various other companies they may supply. Our  Sentinel Service is  completely bespoke and perfect for this purpose, its options include amongest others


  • Specialist Field Biologist Inspections.
  • Site bait plans.
  • Fly killer catch tray analysis.
  • Pest trending.
  • Fixed, dated, locked bait stations.
  • Stored Product Insect monitors.
  • Moth pheromone trapping.


We Provide all types of Pest Control Contracts

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 Locked Dated Rodent Bait Stations