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A Taunton Bed Bug


A Pest Controllers Guide to The Bed Bug

Cimex Lectularius


The little Vampire in your bed ! 

Introduction to the Bed Bug    


The bed bug is a true human parasite which has mouth parts which are adapted to the task of piercing and sucking blood. Bed bugs should  not be mixed up with house dust mites.


These pests have lived along side man for many thousands of years .During the 1940s to 1980s they were thought to be nearly extinct. Since that period there has been a huge increase in numbers of infestations this is due to many factors these include, more global travel, warmer winters and general migration.


These insects are what are called exposure pests.If you have stayed somewhere that could have been infested then it is possible you have brought them home.




The first thing to note is "You can see them" do not get the bed bug mixed up with mites, yes everyone has house house dust mite, thousands even, but bed bugs are quite different. The best description of an adult bed bug is a round, flat insect of reddish brown the size of an apple seed, immature bed bugs can be anything form something the size of a poppy seed upwards.




These insects follow what is called an incomplete metamorphosis therefore they grow from egg to nymph then to adult. The female bed bug will lay her eggs in small cracks and crevices anywhere near a host, she then cements them in position. Temperature is important but at 25 C and with plenty of feeds  in 2 weeks she can lay around 345.


Bed Bug life cycle


You can see from the diagram there are 5 nymphal stages, at each stage a full blood feed is needed before they can shed their old skin to grow in size. There can be a huge range in the length of the life cycle and this is very dependant on temperature anything from 34 to 237 days has be known. Even without food bed bugs can survive for a year, in fact in one case a female lived 565 days !


  A bedbug in a plug  Bed bug droppings


What to look for if you think you have bedbugs.


The first signs may be bite marks, much like mosquito bites. Not everyone is effected by the bites like most insect bites it is the allergic reaction that causes the problem.


You may see blood stains caused either by the bite or more normally the small faecal spots as shown in the picture above. As you can also see they can hide anywhere. Can you see the bedbug in the plug above ?


Bed Bug cluster by a bed mattress staple      Bed bugs by headboard


Click On these images for a close up view.

What to do if you have bedbugs.


These insects can be extremely hard to eradicate by yourself and some home treatments can just make things worse, OK that sounds like a sales pitch but please take our word on it.


There are things you can do to help but we strongly advise that you call in Professional help. Guardian Pest Control offer cost effective and affordable bedbug treatment solutions for domestic and commercial bedbug problems.

We also offer screening services and passive monitoring solutions.


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